OHAUS Scout™ – A High-Performance, Portable, Precision Balance with a Touch Screen

When it comes to portable balances, you want the convenience of easy storage and transport, plus durability and reliable precision. This is why you trust OHAUS Scout for your weighing needs.

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PCR Laboratory Protocol

OHAUS centrifuges and accessories simplify sample preparation

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Poultry Industry Requires Top-Notch Food Scales to Help Meet Soaring Demand

Poultry processing facilities are faced with surging consumer demand that calls for efficient, high-speed production.

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Plant Homogenizing Laboratory Protocol

Use of the OHAUS HT Lysing Bead Mill Homogenizer for plant homogenization

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OHAUS Valor® Food Scales: The Right Tools for the Latest Food Trends

Where's the food industry headed in 2020? OHAUS takes a look.

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OHAUS Counting Scales Support Inventory Control

For precision piece counting, OHAUS offers durable options that are ideal for industrial settings.

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Secure Your Weighing

What is minimum weight and why is repeatability so important

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OHAUS Compass™ – A Portable Scale with Impressive Battery Life

A Portable Scale with 1000-Hour Battery Life

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Industrial Scales Ideal for Washdown Areas

In some industrial environments that require precision weighing, durable, washdown scales are essential.

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Temperature Drift Feature Puts OHAUS Pioneer Ahead of Other Entry-Level Balances

There's no need to sacrifice quality and performance for affordability with the OHAUS Pioneer.

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OHAUS Defender® – A Versatile Bench Scale for Industrial Weighing

Learn what makes our Defender® Series of Bench Scales so versatile

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SPIN IT with OHAUS Frontier™ 5000 Centrifuges

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OHAUS Supports the Fight Against Covid-19

OHAUS plays a small, but important role in the ongoing, worldwide effort to track, understand and find a cure for Coronavirus.

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Compact Bench Scales for the Most Complex Industrial Applications

Ingeniously designed, the Ranger® 7000 industrial compact bench scale offers remarkable precision, durability, speed, and unmatched versatility.

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A Wave of New Bio Research Focuses on Male Fertility

Find out how OHAUS lab equipment is used by male fertility researchers

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OHAUS MB120 with SmartGuide™ Takes the Guesswork out of Moisture Analysis

The OHAUS MB120 Moisture Analyzer with SmartGuide™ allows you to instantly determine the optimal heating method for your samples* with minimal input.

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Troubleshooting pH Electrode

To make sure your pH electrodes always give you reliable results, you need to calibrate them daily, weekly or prior to using them.

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Explorer Analytical and Semi-Micro Balances with Auto Door Provide a “Touchless Experience” for Unmatched Safety

Maintaining safe and sterile environments has never been more important. 

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Guardian™ Hotplate Stirrers with Smart™ Features Ensure Safety

OHAUS products are designed for utmost safety in the lab.

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The FC5916 Isn’t Just a Centrifuge, It’s Your Indispensable New Lab Partner

A New Spin on Versatility

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Kromat's Contract Research Organization using a range of OHAUS products

OHAUS equipment meeting the needs of a highly demanding pharmaceutical industry.

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OHAUS Adventurer Analytical Balance Reliable Precision, Right Out of the Box

Precision weighing results typically require hours of set up, calibration, and trial and error to adjust settings on a new analytical balance. For users of the OHAUS Adventurer, this is of no concern.

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Enzymatic Activity of Catalase Protocol

Determine the Effect of Temperature on the Enzymatic Activity of Catalase with the Guardian 7000 Hotplate Stirrer

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Bradford Protein Assay Protocol

Utilize an OHAUS Guardian 5000 Series Hotplate Stirrer to incubate a sample during Bradford Protein Assay

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