Convenient and Accurate Water Analysis

Have you already heard about our New Starter™ 400 Series Waterproof Portable Water Analysis Meters?

If you are looking for portable meters:

  • customized for wet environments (IP 67 wateproof housing),​
  • working smoothly for a substantial period of time without the need to charge the batteries very often (40 hours of use and more than 300 charge cycles),​
  • clearly displaying all the necessary information and providing both easy operation and intuitive software guiding the user how to perform an effective measurement,
  • with large storage capacity (1000 records) and possibility of effortless data transfer via mico-USB port.

We have the answer for it all!

Retaining every single measurement!

With the ST400 and ST400M and ScaleMate V2.10 software you have the ability to export the data from the meter directly to your computer! 
See the VIDEO and find out how to download the software, driver and smoothly perform the transfer of the data.

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