OHAUS Counting Scales Support Inventory Control

For precision piece counting, OHAUS offers durable options that are ideal for industrial settings.

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Secure Your Weighing

What is minimum weight and why is repeatability so important

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OHAUS Compass™ – A Portable Scale with Impressive Battery Life

A Portable Scale with 1000-Hour Battery Life

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Industrial Scales Ideal for Washdown Areas

In some industrial environments that require precision weighing, durable, washdown scales are essential.

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Temperature Drift Feature Puts OHAUS Pioneer Ahead of Other Entry-Level Balances

There's no need to sacrifice quality and performance for affordability with the OHAUS Pioneer.

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OHAUS Defender® – A Versatile Bench Scale for Industrial Weighing

Learn what makes our Defender® Series of Bench Scales so versatile

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Compact Bench Scales for the Most Complex Industrial Applications

Ingeniously designed, the Ranger® 7000 industrial compact bench scale offers remarkable precision, durability, speed, and unmatched versatility.

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A Wave of New Bio Research Focuses on Male Fertility

Find out how OHAUS lab equipment is used by male fertility researchers

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OHAUS MB120 with SmartGuide™ Takes the Guesswork out of Moisture Analysis

The OHAUS MB120 Moisture Analyzer with SmartGuide™ allows you to instantly determine the optimal heating method for your samples* with minimal input.

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Explorer Analytical and Semi-Micro Balances with Auto Door Provide a “Touchless Experience” for Unmatched Safety

Maintaining safe and sterile environments has never been more important. 

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Guardian™ Hotplate Stirrers with Smart™ Features Ensure Safety

OHAUS products are designed for utmost safety in the lab.

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The FC5916 Isn’t Just a Centrifuge, It’s Your Indispensable New Lab Partner

A New Spin on Versatility

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OHAUS Adventurer Analytical Balance Reliable Precision, Right Out of the Box

Precision weighing results typically require hours of set up, calibration, and trial and error to adjust settings on a new analytical balance. For users of the OHAUS Adventurer, this is of no concern.

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Guardian 5000 & 7000 Series Hotplate Stirrers

Think Safer. Think SMART.

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The MB120 Moisture Analyzer is Now Available with SmartGuide™

The New Way to Instantly Determine the Exact Heating Method for your Samples

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Weigh it right with Pioneer PX

Weighing is the most commonly performed task in any laboratory.

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Convenient and Accurate Water Analysis

Have you already heard about our New Starter™ 400 Series Waterproof Portable Water Analysis Meters?

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OHAUS Introduces Newly Redesigned Navigator Series Portable Balances

Rugged, Multi-Purpose Balances Ideal for a Range of Weighing Applications

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Enjoy a frustration free experience with OHAUS Frontier Centrifuges Product Selector Guide!

Just a few clicks and you already know what model will meet your expectations!

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Protein Purification Workflow

The Protein Purification Process Simplified

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New Defender 5000 Series

Durable Scales, Indicators and Bases for Demanding Industrial Applications

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OHAUS Introduces the new Pioneer Series PJX Carat and Gold Balances

Compact Performance for Accurate Weighing of Precious Metals and Stones

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OHAUS Introduces the new Pioneer PX Balances

Combining Economy and High Performance for Essential Weighing

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Cell Culture Applications for Cell Biology

In every successful relationship, communication is key.

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OHAUS Specialty Electrodes

OHAUS specialty electrodes provide simple execution of water quality analysis applications.

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