Introducing The AquaSearcher

Take sample analysis to a new level

Featuring a modern design that puts the user experience first and foremost, the OHAUS AquaSearcher line of benchtop meters are among our most intuitive and efficient instruments for all sample analysis needs. The large LCD displays and instructional menu buttons allow for quick, smooth access to data, and ensure precise measurements time after time. Complex calibrations can be made as simply as using a smartphone, which provides immeasurable peace of mind.

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With selectable resolution from 0.1 to 0.001 bolstered by the intuitive i-Steward system, the AB41PH offers high resolution pH measurement and consistent, unbeatable accuracy. It’s large 6.5” LCD display allows for easy access to data, even from a distance.

Water Analysis Meter



The next step in the evolution of OHAUS’s original Starter Series, the AB33 Benchtop Meters are powered by intelligent i-Steward software, which ensures consistent measurement accuracy that is repeatable and reliable. Its 1000-item memory can store and retrieve vital sample data and calibrations trails.

Water Analysis Meter       Water Analysis MeterWater Analysis Meter




Simple and intuitive Benchtop Meters, the AB23s offer auto-buffer recognition and 3-point calibration capability (AB23PH) and auto temperature compensation (AB23EC), so your results are never in question. Stand-alone electrode holders make the device flexible for all workspaces.

 Water Analysis MeterWater Analysis Meter

Saving you precious time and precious space while making accurate measurement analysis and storage reliably simple, this is the AquaSearcher line. And, yes, it’s just that easy.

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AB33 Series: AB33PH, AB33EC, and AB33M1
AB23 Series: AB23PH and AB23EC